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HELMIME tour in Helsinki libraries


In spring 2022, you can experience humorous mime performances in Helsinki libraries. The mime études depict everyday joys, moments of happiness, and blunders – after all, sometimes things get more than tangled up. Neither do the performances forget imaginary worlds.

The events are free of charge, and the non-verbal performances are suitable for people of all languages and ages.

After the performance, it is possible to hold a 10-minute artist discussion where audience members can ask the artists questions about mime or their recent performance. The audience can even try their hand at a mime technique with the artists’ help.


  • 12 Mar at 1 pm and 2 pmPaloheinä library
  • 19 Mar at 1 pm and 2 pmPohjois-Haaga library
  • 2 Apr at 1 pm and 2 pmRoihuvuori library
  • 9 Apr at 1 pm and 2 pmTapulikaupunki library
  • 23 Apr at 1 pm and 2 pmLauttasaari library
  • 14 May at 1 pm and 2 pmSuutarila library
  • 28 May at 1 pm and 2 pmPitäjänmäki library (moved)


  • Performance duration

    • 20 min
  • Discussion duration

    • 10 min
  • Language

    • non-verbal
  • Price

    • free

The tour is produced in collaboration with Auraco, Helsinki City Library and Pragma Helsinki.

The tour is supported by the City of Helsinki and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

About the Performances

Eliška looking at her hand in horror in the library


Eliška Kasprzyk

Well, sometimes things don’t go exactly the way we wish, so if you think you ever had a bad day… you didn’t. But someone else had and you can laugh about it.

Tomaš focused, arms around something in the library

Eternal Fight

Tomaš Kasprzyk

Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, God and the Devil. How will the endless rivalry end? Who will win? Who is stronger? You will witness it in this comedic and definitely not serious piece.

Kati with her arms behind her back in a morning gown in the library

Oh, the Cat!

Kati Lehtola

Cats are very cute pals, but at the break of dawn Whim the cat’s nature might get a bit exhausting. Especially if you forget to feed her…

Tomaš swimming to the left in the library


Tomaš Kasprzyk

A journey to the recent 2020 experience and how all the disinformation messed up our heads in the process. A fun probe into ridiculous thoughts some people can have.

Eliška smiling in another direction while Tomaš touches her shoulder


Eliška Kasprzyk & Tomaš Kasprzyk

A story about an inventor and his invention. What will happen in the laboratory? Can teaching feelings to an artificial intelligence be dangerous? See for yourself in this light-hearted story.

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