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HELMIME tour in Helsinki libraries


The praised HELMIME Library Tour returned this spring to delight library goers. We also held an extra performance at Annantalo A•stage on Helsinki Day.

The tour’s performances consisted of several varying mime études. Their themes varied from comical to touching, but were suitable for all ages. The non-verbal and free-of-charge performances reached all audiences no matter their language skills.

After the performance, we had an artist discussion where audience members could comment what they had seen or ask questions about mime.

Audience Comments

Great performance, thank you! Of course I had to come and watch, as you so rarely see mime in Finland.
The mime études were surprising, delightful and touching. They felt in turns comically familiar and endearingly charming, and the glimpses they provided of everyday life made everyone laugh!


  • 25 Mar at 1 pm and 2 pm

    Rikhardinkatu library

  • 15 Apr at 1 pm and 2 pm

    Vuosaari library

  • 22 Apr at 1 pm and 2 pm

    Oulunkylä library

  • 6 May at 1 pm and 2 pm

    Jakomäki library

  • 13 May at 1 pm and 2 pm

    Etelä-Haaga library

  • 12 Jun at 5 pm

    Annantalo A•stage (Helsinki Day)


  • Performance duration

    • 25 min (Helsinki Day 40 min)
  • Discussion duration

    • 10 min
  • Language

    • non-verbal
  • Price

    • free

The tour was produced in collaboration with Auraco and Helsinki City Library.

The tour was supported by the City of Helsinki and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Mime Études

Eliška looking at her hand in horror, both hands raised from the elbow


Eliška Kasprzyk

Well, sometimes things don’t go exactly the way we wish, so if you think you ever had a bad day… you didn’t. But someone else had and you can laugh about it.

Eliška holding her hand against her cheek, looking like in pain
Tomaš crouching a bit, holding his imaginary horns

Eternal Fight

Tomaš Kasprzyk

Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, God and the Devil. How will the endless rivalry end? Who will win? Who is stronger? You will witness it in this comedic and definitely not serious piece.

Tomaš on his toes with arms a little apart, appearing larger than usual
Kati standing and petting her imaginary cat on the chair

Oh, the Cat!

Kati Lehtola

Cats are very cute pals, but at the break of dawn Bob the cat’s nature might get a bit exhausting. Especially if you forget to feed her…

Kati looking shocked, holding her imaginary cat that jumped on her lap
Tomaš putting an imaginary mask on his face


Tomaš Kasprzyk

A journey to the recent 2020 experience and how all the disinformation messed up our heads in the process. A fun probe into ridiculous thoughts some people can have.

Crazy-looking Tomaš pointing forward with his left arm, the right arm bent behind his back
Tomaš covering his face with his hands, next to him Eliška is having an ahaa moment


Eliška Kasprzyk & Tomaš Kasprzyk

A story about an inventor and his invention. What will happen in the laboratory? Can teaching feelings to an artificial intelligence be dangerous? See for yourself in this light-hearted story.

Tomaš, looking a bit confused, looking into the direction pointed by Eliška, who looks excited
A troubled customer is running away, as the witch’s companion is about to land on his shoulder

Witch’s Shop

Eliška Kasprzyk, Tomaš Kasprzyk & Kati Lehtola

Enter the witch’s shop and meet the witch, her faithful companion and their troubled customers in this magical trio étude!

The witch is handing her excited customer a flask. Her faithful owl companion stands behind her and stares at the customer.
Eliška on stage, almost crying and holding her hand on her chest

Just Breathe

Eliška Kasprzyk

Emotions are sometimes flowing like a wild river. Relationships can be affected by this flow. That makes life an adventurous ride through the amusement park of our inner landscapes that our emotions are creating. But everything gets to be good in the end. So enjoy even the darker moments, as nothing lasts forever.

Eliška on stage, laughing and lifting her skirt
Tomaš on stage in little boy’s clothes, holding his invisible mother’s hand

At the Zoo with Mom

Tomaš Kasprzyk

This is Tomaš’ oldest mime etude, or you could say it is his first watchable etude. He made it when he was 7 years old. It’s about a curious little boy enjoying the animals in the zoo with his easily annoyed and impatient mother.

Tomaš on stage in little boy’s clothes, looking very excited through an invisible glass wall
Kati on stage, slightly bent against an invisible work desk, with an invisible mouse in her hand

Books – Reality!

Kati Lehtola

Remote life and real life mix up in this dancy mime étude, which looks into feelings and mishaps from the past two years. The étude was originally custom created for the opening ceremony of the University of Helsinki’s academic year 2022–2023.

Kati on stage, looking worried at her side, with her arms spread like wings
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