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Experience a striking evening with your friends in the heart of Helsinki – HELMIME Club offers you spectacular and delightful moments with mime. Come and see how an empty stage fills with imaginary illusions as the tops of mime take over the stage!

At the HELMIME Club, you’ll get to see both Finnish and foreign mimes. During the evening composed of short acts, études, the audience gets to dive into the world mime filled with virtuosity.

Are you new to mime? No problem! This is a good chance to get to know it. Mime is a nonverbal and diverse art form that is living its new boom. Mimes create stories, objects and different atmospheres with movements and gestures. The illusions are created with carefully trained movements and immobilities. In a world full of words and stuff, mime trusts the imagination of the performers and the viewers.

Welcome to start your weekend with mime!

The liqueur licensed cafeteria of Puppet Theatre Sampo opens its doors one hour before the mime club starts. The artists will be there for a relaxed meet & greet after the performance.

  • Time

    • Fri 28 Feb 2020 at 19:00
  • Place

    • Puppet Theatre Sampo
    • Erottajankatu 7
    • Helsinki
  • Tickets

  • Performers

    • Miriam Flick
    • Eliška Kasprzyk
    • Tomaš Kasprzyk
    • Kati Lehtola
    • Silent Rocco
  • Production

  • Other

    • Age recommendation 12+ years

HELMIME events are supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


    Miriam Flick’s Scientia performance


    Miriam Flick

    Scientia introduces a chemist at work who is handling liquids, threatening to explode at any moment. Surrounded by dusts of a mysterious smell and effect, she is searching for what holds the world together in its innermost elements. Suddenly she makes a discovery that would change the world, but rather changes her world first.

    Miriam Flick’s Tuesday Morning performance

    Tuesday Morning

    Miriam Flick

    Getting up, having breakfast, going to work and work work work... One Tuesday morning this routine reaches a point where a continuation seems impossible.

    Eliška Kasprzyk’s Lullaby performance


    Eliška Kasprzyk

    Child’s birth. A crucial moment in a woman’s life, a transitional ritual. But after a birth, many demons can fly around a vulnerable mother’s mind. The shadow is lurking, looking for its new victim. And the exhausted mother is trying to protect her newborn. Against the demon. Against the lurking shadow. Against herself.

    Tomáš Kasprzyk’s Hero performance


    Tomáš Kasprzyk

    Through belief of making the best that we can do, we can sometimes make indeliberate harm and pain to our surroundings. Mindless action and blindly following orders is not always the best possible way. Sometimes even the simplest of minds end up with tremendous power in their hands and only little responsibility. And on the edge of ourselves, in that destroyed, inhospitable space, our consciousness, something we have lost a long time ago, is suddenly awaken and trying to do what it thinks is the right thing.

    Eliška Kasprzyk’s and Tomáš Kasprzyk’s Immortals performance


    Eliška Kasprzyk & Tomáš Kasprzyk

    The creator. The long preparations and attempts seem to be coming to an end. His creation is ready. And it is... perfect. It looks like a part of him, his brighter or darker side. A femininity has been born. She still needs to learn, and she learns quickly. Quicker than her creator suspected. Mainly when it comes to emotions, especially love.

    Kati Lehtola’s The Clock Is Ticking performance

    The Clock Is Ticking

    Kati Lehtola

    A multitasker faces her unsustainable lifestyle as a mysterious package takes her to the deepest of forests. In the performance, the range of motions and emotions make one’s own desires and the world’s needs clash. At the end, what really is important?

    Silent Rocco’s A Glass of Water performance

    A Glass of Water

    Silent Rocco

    Imagine you are at a random house party. Music, people, loneliness. You are surrounded by short hellos and empty kindnesses. The only anchor seems to be a glass of water in your hand. Suddenly, that glass transforms into the way out, and a fantastic journey begins.

    Silent Rocco’s One Small Step performance

    One Small Step

    Silent Rocco

    How does it feel to go for the stars, to leave Earth behind and feel zero gravity? And what does an astronaut experience when seeing our fragile blue planet from outer space? One small step for a man becomes one giant leap for mankind.

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