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HELMIME Mime Workshops


With different mime techniques, we can create illusions, make invisible visible and play with imaginary objects, partners and powers. To succeed in these, a mime needs strong body control and knowledge of movement patterns that are rarely used in everyday life: waves, isolations and the fixpoint, not forgetting nonverbal expression and storytelling.

Peeking behind a mime wall.
Practicing mime walk.
Pair work during a mime workshop.
Mime fencing.

Next workshops

Contemporary Mime Workshop

Welcome to the contemporary mime workshop! Why is it contemporary mime and not just mime? Well because today's mime is something very different, relatable and fun.

In this workshop you will learn how to use your imagination, and that includes how to make something imaginary almost visible. You will also learn some other imaginary mime techniques and how to use them in a fun way. The other important thing in this workshop is that we will touch our inner world and our emotions and their expression. And last but not least, we will do a lot of group exercises, focusing on working with the group and sensing the feeling of the group.

This workshop will be intensive and it is intended for everyone determined to explore and work on themselves. In other words, everyone from teens to active seniors are welcome and no one has to worry about their level of experience. Even if you are familiar with mime, you will have plenty to learn and if you have never tried or seen mime before, I will show you how to get really good really fast.

I am looking forward to seeing you there and working with you.

Tomaš Kasprzyk

  • Time:
    10–11 Jun 2023 at 10:00–16:00 (Sat–Sun)
  • Place:
    Vanha talvitie 19 A, 5th floor, 00580 Helsinki
  • Price:
    110 €
  • Language:
  • Max. number of participants:
  • Registration:
    registration form (last day 4 June)
  • Cancellation:
    We will charge a 10 € office fee for all cancellations from the participants. If a participant cancels their participation after Wed 7 June, they will be refunded only in exchange for a sick leave certificate. If the organizer cancels the event, the payment will be refunded completely.
  • Changes may occur.
  • If you have any questions, please contact
  • The workshop is organized by Auraco. Welcome to mime!

Past workshops

  • 1–2 Oct 2022

    Mime Workshop, TribalDanceCenter, Helsinki

  • 1–2 Oct 2022

    Contemporary Mime Workshop, TEP39, Prague, Czechia

  • 19–20 Oct 2019

    Contemporary Mime Workshop, TribalDanceCenter, Helsinki

  • 14–15 Apr 2018

    Mime Workshop 2, Studio Attitude KS, Helsinki

  • 20–21 Jan 2018

    Mime Workshop 1, Studio Attitude KS, Helsinki

  • 25–26 Nov 2017

    Mime Workshop 1, Studio Attitude KS, Helsinki


Kati Lehtola

Kati Lehtola

Kati Lehtola is a dance and mime artist who studied mime in Die Etage, a school of performing arts in Berlin. Her main teacher was Anke Gerber, who is one of the most respected mimes in Germany and Central Europe. Alongside different styles of mime (like Marcel Marceau’s or Étienne Decroux’s), the studies were composed of dance, Commedia dell’Arte and other forms of physical theatre. The education gave a strong technical base and a bit anarchistic attitude towards mime. Kati also has a blog about mime in Finnish.

Eliška Kasprzyk

Eliška Kasprzyk

Eliška Kasprzyk is a Czech artist who finished her master’s degree in nonverbal theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 2018. Meanwile she was teaching in two new circus centres in Prague for two years, while performing with a physical theatre/circus company Vít Neznal a kol. She has also played violin and sung in a folk-core band in Prague, and given her own workshops focusing on opening creativity, voice and body as a complete instrument of an actor and creator. She likes to dive deep into our subconsciousness to find out the real treasures that we can use in performing but also in our ordinary lives.

Tomaš Kasprzyk

Tomaš Kasprzyk

MgA. (MA) Tomaš Kasprzyk is a mime, a teacher and a drummer. He started learning and performing as a mime when he was 5 years old. He learned the basics from his father Miro Kasprzyk and advanced mime techniques from the Czech mime Michal Hecht. He studied mime at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU), Department of Mime, where he did his master’s degree under Radim Vizvary and had workshops with Lionel Menard, Greg Goldstone, James Donlon, Anke Gerber, Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum. He also worked on a performance with the legendary mime Milan Sladek. Nowadays he mainly focuses on teaching contemporary mime and the core of acting and improvisation to non-actors and professionals as well.

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